This guide will concentrate on Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) sanctioned hillclimbs, as that is the type of event that we organise at Wollongong Sporting Car Club, but the information applies to all Motorsport Australia speed events.

Note: Just ask us if in doubt. How? send a message through the contact page or join our Facebook Group


There are 3 steps on the way to beginning your racing career.

  • Documentation
  • Apparel
  • Vehicle Preparation


To be eligible to compete in any motorsport you need to be a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated car club. Membership of Wollongong Sporting Car Club is available to anyone interested in motorsport. Membership is $60 ($30 for juniors) at time of writing (2024) and is valid for a calendar year. Memberships paid from October will be valid for the following year.

You will also need a Motorsport Australia level 2 speed licence, commonly known as an L2S. There are no driving tests or medical examinations required for an L2S. You need to download the form from the Motorsport Australia website. Fill out the form with your personal details and medical declaration, then send off to Motorsport Australia along with a passport style photo and the appropriate fee. The L2S is not an indication of a persons ability to drive at speed. You should apply for your Motorsport Australia licence at least 4 weeks prior to your first event.


The MINIMUM requirements for driver apparel are stated in our events standard supplementary regulations. It is recommended that you buy the highest quality race clothing and helmet that you can afford to enhance your safety when competing in motorsport.

  1. a helmet that complies with AS1698 or better (as per the current Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport) and carries marking to that effect, or is otherwise specifically approved by Motorsport Australia.
  2. non-flammable clothing, including cover from throat to wrists to ankles (apparel of nylon or similar material is forbidden). Flame retardant overalls, or better, are not essential but highly recommended
  3. suitable flame retardant footwear (thongs, open sandals, high-heeled shoes and nylon joggers are forbidden), and
  4.  in open cars, goggles or a visor with a lens material other than glass (to AS1609) are mandatory as are leather or Nomex gloves which entirely cover the hands.
  5. all driver helmets and apparel must comply with Schedule D of the Motorsport Australia Manual. It’s complicated – best to just ask us if in doubt.
  6. As at January 2020, a Head and Neck Support System is not required in a road registered car but is in any other.

Vehicle preparation

Most vehicles are catered for in our hillclimbs. There are separate classes for vehicles based on their level of modification (classes exist for unmodified, road registered vehicles) from lightly modified street cars, highly modified sports sedans, and purpose built open wheel race cars.

The following is minimum standard for road registered vehicles.

If your car is safe for road use then there shouldnt be any problem with preparing it for club level motorsport. There are again a few minimum requirements.

  1. You need to fit a 900g fire extinguisher. When you buy it pay attention to the mounting bracket. Most of these things are basically designed to hang the extinguisher on a kitchen wall. The Motorsport Australia regulations state that the bracket must withstand a 25G impact. If the bracket doesn’t look like it could hold 25kg, you should choose another. You don’t want to get hit with with a kilo of steel in an accident. There are Motorsport Australia approved ones out there that you can find through a search engine.
Here’s one way of mounting a fire extinguisher in a road car using your passenger seat mounts. Note the metal bracket. Plastic ones are not strong enough.

2. You need to mark your battery location with a blue triangle. Using blue electrical tape is acceptable for this.

3. Numbers need to be put on both sides of the car. You can make numbers with tape, print numbers and tape them on the inside of windows, or paint it on with white boot polish.

4. Mark the location of your tow points front and rear. Electrical tape in a contrasting colour to your car is ok, just use it to make an arrow.

Note : At Huntley Hillclimb, open cars eg clubmans and soft top convertibles must have a minimum of a braced rollover hoop whether the vehicle is road registered or not.

As with driver apparel, it is recommended that you go beyond the minimum standards. enhance your safety in any way possible.

Rollcages, race harnesses, and window nets are significant safety improvements.

NOTE: You must bring your Rego papers on the day to prove it is registered!

Where to now?

Wollongong Sporting Car Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the German Club, Kembla Grange at approx 7:30pm. A few of us get there a bit earlier and have dinner from 7pm. Come and join us and we’ll talk about any further questions you may have. Alternatvely contact us through this website and check out our Calendar